Merry go-round island and inflatable games

Merry go-round island

Surrounded by the lake and the main channel, the island with former merry-go-rounds invites young and old alike to travel through time …

This island situated in the heart of the Grenouillette island has some ancient merry-go-rounds so that children can discover former merry-go-rounds . The first set up carrousel is a collector Carrousel from 1900 : “Ace drivers.” On board of completely renovated old bangers for the Port Miniature, children have fun as many generations of children did in the past. 1920 vintage swings will soon join them. These were crazy fairground attractions during the interwar period. Another carrousel is also being renovated. It is composed of old motorcycles, bicycles and small horses, it will complete the party.

The elephant carrousel twirls children above the terrace of the sweet food service space.

Inflatable games

A whole new playground of inflatable games is set up along the main channel: gigantic giraffe, rocking horse, giant slides, rounds and air mountain are dedicated to entertainment for children between 2 and 14 years old.

2 more games

Two other games complete the leisure park in St Savinien: the pedal sulky and sardine fishing.

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