The workshop & the settings

The workshop and the settings



All our boats and settings are original and made by us. Since 1986, our workshop only designs and produces products for “Port Miniature” in Saint Savinien.


The creator of the concept Port Miniature, Jean-Louis Foucaud,has recently retired after 27 years of creation and operation of the site. He has built 18 mini ships, bridges and settings that make the Port Miniature a magic place. Two boats of the fleet were christened with the name of his children: the trawler Lucie, and Venetian fire boat Benjamin. His eldest daughter, Stephanie, took over the operation of the site in 2013,so that the adventure continues within the family. The ship bearing hes name is still under construction. This will be the last created ship : a buoy boat (photos of work in progress below). The launch date is not determined yet …


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